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Scope of Services

including, but not limited to
Carrier Negotiations

We take a collaborative approach with carriers, General Agencies, TPA, and/or Business Partners creating a synergy of expertise while maximizing the client benefit portfolio at competitive rates.



Plan/Program Design

Presentations are communication
tools that can be used as lectures,
speeches, reports, and more. Recommend alternative benefit design or delivery systems dictated by emerging plan costs, regulations, and benefit industry practices.


Assistance with the implementation and
communication of new programs, including coordination with third party vendors/systems.




Claims Administration

Interfacing with insurance carriers as needed to assist in the resolution of problems associated with benefit programs. Assisting with the timely adjudication of claims on an as needed basis and with the administration of group insurance plans by responding to inquiries and providing staff information as needed.


Employee Communication

We don’t overwhelm, but also don’t minimize the importance of data within benefit communications. Our materials
are not quick snapshots leaving the employee to guess or assume. Our strength is the personal one on one
support to employees, includes but not
limited to researching, reviewing and
assisting in assigning a provider tailored to that employee’s needs.

Plan/Program Maintenance

Implementation and
communication of new programs
or changing to existing programs. Employers will receive administrative support, including but not limited to: one-on-one client employee assistance, locating providers, guidance with claims, COBRA administration, access to HR Support.